Prof. Fabio Masini visits Europe Direct at the University of Luxembourg and the European Stability Mechanism

The Winter Online Lecture Series on Europe - 2023 edition

Prof. Fabio Masini visits Europe Direct at the University of Luxembourg and the European Stability Mechanism

6 December 2023

The new edition of the Winter (Online) Lecture Series on Europe – organized by the Europe Direct at the University of Luxembourg (ED-UNILU) in conjunction with the MAHEC and BCE Programs – was opened on 6 December 2023 by Prof. Fabio Masini (holder of the Jean Monnet Chair in Theories and History of European Economic Governance, Roma Tre University, Italy; Secretary General of RTI), who participated at a conference-debate with the students from the course “Democratic transitions in Central and Eastern Europe” (BCE-EU-301-04) from the Bachelor in European Cultures, as well as with a wide online audience. Discussions examined the ideas developed by Prof. Masini in his latest book entitled “European Economic Governance: Theories, Historical Evolution, and Reform Proposals” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022) and focused particularly the economic theories, policies and historical events that underpin the governance of the European Union.

Dr Elena Danescu, Research Scientist at the C²DH and coordinator of the ED-UNILU welcomed Prof. Masini during his visit to the Belval campus (including the Europe Direct at the University of Luxembourg and Luxembourg Learning Centre), and discussed with the guest about the present challenges and issues in historical research in European Studies, the sharing of best practices in the area of European studies for democratic citizenship involving especially young people participation), new possibility of cooperation with the Robert Triffin International Foundation in organizing joint events aiming at highlighting the synergies between Luxembourg and Belgium in building Economic and Monetary Union in Europe.

The day was rounded off by a research seminar with experts and researchers from the European Stability Mechanism and the FDEF (Prof. Dr Jang Schiltz) and a meeting with the General Secretary of the ESM Dr Nicola Giammarioli. During those meetings Prof. Masini discussed the identity of the ESM, suggesting that two alternative (to a European safety net) projects might be thought of for the ESM, beyond the backstop for the Single Resolution Fund: the possibility to use the ESM also as a development tool for local infrastructures, along the lines already suggested in a paper of Alfonso Iozzo and Fabio Masini ( and/or evolving into a MDB, asking for the status of prescribed holder of SDRs and playing a role in the definition of a joint co-designed development project between the EU and Africa, along the lines expressed in a collective effort (

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