Flor, Elena
Oil and Carbon Prices: the Emerging Role of the SDR
Note no. 7, May 2020

Flor, Elena
Russia, Oil Price, Dollar and SDR
Note no. 6, October 2017

Mosconi, Antonio
SDR, The International Currency for the Development Plan for Africa
Note no. 5, October 2017

Flor, Elena
SDR and Bitcoins: Competition or Cooperation?
Note no. 4, October 2017

De Rambures, Dominique
SDR: From a Unit of Account and a Store of Value to a Transaction Currency
Note no. 3, July 2017

Flor, Elena
Oil, Wheat and Currencies: study of Robert Triffin International on oil and wheat prices in dollars, euro and SDR
Note no. 2, April 2017

Flor, Elena
A Multi-Currency Reserve Environment?
Note no. 1, January 2017

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